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As we reach halftime of this summer, you're probably thinking it's slightly late in the game to bring you another balearia-infused mix. Well, just like your doomed summer romance that hasn't quite precipitated yet, we haven't rushed to peak too early. In fact, this might even be premature.


Goldie Keaton kindly asks you to tune into *BEACH BOTCH RADIO*, a frequency not found on factory-standard mortal dials. To say it's slow burning is inaccurate. It's a sweaty mid-tempo excursion for your beach-boat parties or making pique-nique, road trip, or break-up-sex-babies. Pop uppercuts mixed with shakers and handclaps, ramped up R&B + pitched down dunkaroos, alien night plane geometries and chlorine soaked tambourines.

Goldie Keaton works the middle.

Hot is the new normal.




Mercury is in retrograde, and other extra-worldly forces threaten to destroy our two-headed heroine, Goldie Keaton. What was once a benevolent disc jockey duo is now a virulent, rampaging Succubus. To combat the lethal plague of hate that has been emanating from Little Armenia in all directions, Goldie Keaton has put together this mix of mostly new club cuts, pulling from pop-leaning, anthem piano house from all corners of civilized dance culture.

The result is a twenty-sided die of glosspop realness. Simply, this is music to change time zones to.


This one's inspired by the unreleased Marilyn Monroe picture of the same name, as well as the Jack & Diane romcom 'Something's Gotta Give,' although neither Golden nor Diane Keaton (the DJ) have ever seen either.

We hope the mix recasts familiar sounds and songs in a context you might not have considered, meanwhile delivering bits and pieces which you might have never heard through a nostalgic filter.

We've decided a long time ago that genre-bound mixes might be easy to mix, because of similar instrumentation, tempo, themes, lyrics, etc. but typically feel flat, consistent to a fault, and....easy. We've also come to the conclusion that there's nothing more deflating than reading a track list before you hear a mix, so that's why you don't see one. Will gladly share the tracks with you, though.

Thanks to Classixx, who provided an amazing unreleased instrumental [and an excellent birthday party], Love Grenades, Casxio [w/ Golden + Public's soon-to-be-released remix of '17'], all the Modus Vivendi Music family, and, of course, the internet.



the rose - the loughing light of plenty
up to skyrocket - arturo capone
olympic airways - supermayer rmx
absynth - worgull rmx
blue love - dj harvey
lovin in the jungle - pat les stache
the low murderer - an-2 rmx
rego-dancer - arturo capone
a new chance - mungolian dj set rmx
underwater - mock & toof
give me love - cerrone
cosmorama - prins thomas mix
pendulo - pete herbert edit
into your face - dpn (super rookie edit)
days like these- downtown party network
paris - aeroplane rmx


**Disco Damage** have boshed together a tasty compilation of new, fresh, old and bold Beats for your pleasure, this malicious little mix-tape features sixty minutes of Electronic Tracks from fellow friends and idols including Originals Re-mixes and dance-floor fixes by artist such as *Sam Sparro*, the hottest new band from L.A. *Love Grenades*, *Scissor Sisters*, *Tracey Thorn *, *Duke Dumont*, *Data*, *Yazoo*, *Justice*, *Audio Bullys* and of course Disco Damage themselves have a few dirty bits and pieces to boot. So go get your Mamma !!!

Grand Canyon - Tracey Thorn
*London* is Bangin*'* (*Dr. Jekyl* Remix) - Disco Damage* vs Dr. Jekyl*
Work on You - MSTRKRFT
The Beat (Sirius Mo Mix) - Simian Mobile Disco
We Are Your Friends (Radioslave & Spencer Parker Re-Edit feat. Simian*)* -
When I Hear Mu'Sic - Duke Dumont
Cocktail Cunt* (The Funk Out Remix) *- Disco Damage
Shot You Down *(Feat. Nancy Sinatra)* - Audio Bullys
J'aime pais l'art - Data
Don't Go (Todd Terry Freeze Mix) - Yazoo
Wild Thing (Peaches RMX) - Tone Loc
Slow Down (Muzikjunki Remix) - *Disco Damage & Eelke Kleijn*
Schall - Elektrochemie LA
There's a boy on the internet - *PsychoFags*
*Tigers in the Fire (Disco Damage Remix) - Love Grenades*
Pocket (Disco Damage Remix) - Sam Sparro
I Don't Feel Like Dancing - Scissors Sisters
Are You The One - (*Simian* Mobile Disco *Remix*) - The Presets
21st Century Life (Kraak & Smaak Remix) - Sam Sparro
Get Innocuous (Soulwax Remix) - LCD Soundsystem
Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix) - The Ting Tings
U.F.O. (Golden vs Disco Damage Remix) - Sneaky Sound System
Finally 2008 - The Kam Denny & Paul Zala Remix


This is Disco. Just better.

Hey Voodoo Man where do i go from here? Another Day Acid and some
of that Balearic Incarnation... oh yeah.. think I'm up for some pleasure
up in Goblin City where the Holy Ghost! lives... We should be dancing,
Hot Dog... right in the socket!!
And then we shall control our one pure thought and feel the Stratus Energy
from Monkey Star. Just don't let go now, you got a love song there,
Jackie Junior...

Enjoy, Wayfarer


Carefully compiled, the choice recipe for the distinguished listener... Don't turn it off, cause it's hypnotic!!! Come lift your hands for countless premature ejaculations and riots in belgium. Do you see the freeform lullabies, boogie munks and kosmetisk whispers over the sky? From Tokyo to Bankok, they evolve like diamonds in a golden cage! Oh... Jason's aeroplane is still beyond the wizard's sleeve, so why don't you come back around?

1 Don't Turn It Off feat. Qzen - 40 Thieves
2 Lagavulin - Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield
3 Hypnotic (Dub mix) - Faze Action
4 Who said Boogie - Ray Mang & Felix Foolish
5 Whispers feat. Kathy Diamond - Aeroplane
6 Kosmetisk - Magnus International
7 Blind (Frankie Knuckles Dub) - Hercules and Love Affair
8 Tokyo Disco (Version 2) - Reverso 68
9 Over The Sky (Reverso 68 remix) - Ajello
10 Live Fast! Die Old! (M.Salmassi & Z.Cash remix) - Munk & Asia Argento
11 Where's Jason's K - Syclops
12 Song For Marie And Elise (Aeroplane Remix) - Lullabies in the Dark
13 Premature Ejaculation - Bankok Impact
14 Warriors (In Space) - The Beat Broker
15 Aurora (Riot In Belgium & Knightlife Remix) - Alex Gopher
16 My Love (Casino Inc Amazing Disco Remix) - Justin Timberlake
17 When I Come Back Around (Freeform Reform mix) - Jamie Lidell
18 Love (Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve Remix) - Simian Mobile Disco
19 Golden Cage (Fred Falke remix) - The Whitest Boy Alive
20 We Lift Our Hands In The Sanctuary (Original Friday Night Live Vocal Mix)

Hope you enjoy it, feedback and comments appreciated!

Cheers Modus Crew